For people with learning disabilities


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This offers service users an opportunity to explore and discuss issues of social and sexual interaction with someone who is independent of their regular service/setting.

During a programme of work practical strategies are developed both for the individual to employ as well as for any staff team to implement to support the learning outcomes. The work is designed to be ongoing once the specific intervention with Alan has come to an end.



Area's of work include:

  • Basic communication and recognition and expression of feelings
  • Safe and appropriate social interactions
  • Forming and maintaining friendships
  • Developing intimate relationships, engagement and marriage
  • Sex eduation packages
  • Sexual health
  • Sexual activity and sexual practices
  • Safe and appropriate sexual interaction
  • Masturbation and masturbatory technique - where unsuccessful or dangerous techniques are used
  • Cross dressing
  • Gender reassignment
  • Accessing same sex organisations
  • Accessing sex workers
  • Inappropriate, abusive and sexual offending behaviour
  • Victims and survivors of abuse
  • Self harm
  • Intimate care and personal hygiene

Any programme of work may well include several of the above areas depending on range and complexity of an individuals needs and circumstances

Whilst Alan's work is predominatly with men he does where appropriate work with couples around issues of developing personal and sexual relationships, engagement and marriage.